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ABB Partners

Dominar Engineers as a partners of ABB, offer an extensive array of product & services within power and automation technologies. We as partners adhere to principles of transparency, rules and regulations, honor commitments, response time and after sales.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies.  Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the company employs 150,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries. ABB maintains seven corporate research centers around the world and has continued to invest in R&D through all market conditions. The result has been a long track record of innovation. Today, ABB stands as the largest supplier of industrial motors and drives, the largest provider of generators to the wind industry, and the largest supplier of power grids worldwide.

ABB Low Voltage AC Drives

ABB low voltage AC drives improve process efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and improve productivity.

Built-in features such as direct torque control provide accurate motor control without the need for feedback devices. The drives support connectivity to automation networks and processes through various communication and IO options. Many of the ABB drives offer built-in safety features, such as safe torque-off. The safety functionality can be extended with optional safety modules.

Our industry specific ABB drives provide our customers with dedicated drive solutions for AC motor control used in industries such as HVAC and water and wastewater.

ABB Drives for HVAC

The ABB ACH550 is a complete dedicated low voltage AC drive especially for HVAC applications. The drives are designed to meet the HVAC market requirements including harmonics and EMC standards, and for easy integration with building management systems straight out of the box. They feature built-in control programs specifically designed for HVAC applications like cooling tower fans, supply and return fans, and booster pumps and condensers. With built-in PID control, native BACnet communication, timers, real-time clock and a calendar, ABB drives provide flexible solutions for a wide range of HVAC needs.

ABB Drives for Water and Wastewater

The ACQ810 drives provide several built-in features to improve pumping efficiency and reliability across the water and wastewater industry. From single pump to multi-pump solutions, ABB drive features such as anti-jam/pump cleaning, level control and pump priority help reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Other built-in features like, sleep and boost, and flow monitoring allow you to tailor solutions to your unique needs of each pumping application.

ABB Low Voltage Motors

ABB offers a wide range of low voltage AC motors with improved energy efficiency and lifecycle value.

Suitable for all industries, all applications – fulfilling all national mandatory efficiency regulations.

Process Performance Motors

ABB Process performance motors are designed to make a difference and operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

They do this for specific reasons: to save energy, reduce operating costs, and enable demanding motor applications to perform reliability and without unscheduled downtime.

General Performance Motors

ABB’s General performance motors are best suited for applications where simplicity and off-the-shelf availability are paramount. With ABB quality and support these motors have the features appreciated by volume customers and serial OEM’s.

Brake Motors

ABB’s brake motors are standard motors modified for braking duties, i.e. three phase induction motors with standard dimensions and output rating. The electromagnetic disc brake is powered, either DC or three phase AC current, from a rectifier located in the motor terminal box.

Motors for High Ambient Temperatures

The motor for demanding environments is available in a standard configuration, capable of operating in temperatures of up to 90°C.

Suitable for applications such as in the metallurgical, wood and food industries, in brick and glass manufacturing, or for drying sheds and bakeries, where high temperatures are crucial to many industrial processes.

The motors are harmonized to IEC – CENELEC power and frame size standards.

Permanent Magnet Motors

The permanent magnet motor range extends the effective nominal speed range of the rugged industry workhorses down to 100 – 850 r/min. The motors can simplify drive systems by effectively eliminating the need of speed reduction devices. They are designed exclusively for frequency converter supply, where they provide high speed accuracy even without speed sensors because they are synchronous motors without rotor slip.


  • Torque range 1000 to 50 000 Nm
  • Construction based on standard induction motor design
  • Rotor magnetization by permanent magnets
  • Totally enclosed IP 55 construction
  • Air- or liquid cooled

The most common present drive systems, which permanent magnet motor solution could replace:

  • Traditional AC motor, frequency converter and gear box combination
  • Traditional slow speed AC motor, typically 10-16-pole or slower with frequency converter
  • Variable speed DC drive system with gear box